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I'll never feel the weight of your hands inside mine like diamonds

Be (of love) a little more careful than of anything

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Bored, so I'm taking quizzes.
nicole hoodie

Your result for The Literary Character Test...


Good, Human, Roundabout Thinker

You are basically good. Overcoming selfish desires or cruel ways, you focus on doing the right thing, when possible, and acting in a way to benefit everyone. You recognize your human weaknesses and imperfections, and are able to respond to them in well balanced ways. You think in ways most people don’t understand. Some might call you mad, but there is a method to your madness.

The young girl who finds herself down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass, has proven that above all, she has quite an imagination. Always on the move to a strange new encounter, she will always be the odd one out in a world of strange characters. She wants only the adventures that everyone secretly longs for, and in her own mind she can always achieve them, and easily return to the real world when the dream is over.

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