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I'll never feel the weight of your hands inside mine like diamonds

Be (of love) a little more careful than of anything

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nicole hoodie

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Found your journal through fuckyou_fandom... I joined hoping to score myself a side-splitting, laughin'-out-loud good-time, but of course it only made me ridiculously self-conscious.

So of course I run off to hound at a community member's journal.

And here I am... Wondering if you would mind too much if I asked for your opinion on my fic?
It's NC-17 slash/erotica... And please don't mind the weird pairings and all. I just need someone to bloody look beyond my odd taste in men and give the story a chance. =)


And be a dear and not laugh your ass off at the ridiculous title. I have no idea what I was thinking... Seriously.

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