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nicole hoodie
...Creepiest drive of my life last Wednesday. The fog was so thick, I literally could not see the sides of the road, and the fact that I take all back roads that have no lights at all didn't help. The fog was so thick as soon as I got off the Delaware Memorial Bridge that I almost turned around and went on the NJ Turnpike. But I didn't, I stuck it out and drove through all the dark back roads of Jersey, even though there were Deer along all the roads. Fog scares me anyway, but as I was driving, in an area that has no houses btw, I saw a man walking- but I only saw his legs, and I only saw him when he was about a foot away from my car. It was so creepy!

When I was on the phone with my mother to tell her I wouldn't be down until late, I said "I'm about to pull over to the side of the road and wait for Sam and Dean." And she said to me, "Hon, if you're actually going to wait for Sam and Dean I'm going to put you in a home, weirdo."


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