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Things I hate today
nicole hoodie
1. People who reply to every famous persons twitter in hopes of getting a response.

2. People who laugh obnoxiously at things that are barely funny.

3. Annoying twitters about nothing. I do not need to know that your back hurts or what your cousin said that you think is funny. It's not funny.

4. Most twitter posts.

5. The fact that I love Twitter and insist on following every celebrity I like.

6. The Annapolis Mall. "Hey, boo, you seen me?" is not a pick up line. Also, to the girls with the guys who said that to me: "Damn, bitch didn't even look at chu" is not going to make me look at your socially retarded, emotionally stunted, ugly friend.

7. This is a repeat, but seriously, people who reply to every famous person's twitter in hopes of getting a response. They don't care. No one cares. Get a fucking life.

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for 1 and 7, i usually just wish them a happy birthday or a congrats on something, not a response to EVERYTHING they post. i've gotten responses from their siblings who are semi-famous or lesser-known celebrities that i'm a fan of, but not people like Ellen Degeneres or Britney Spears (although she's following me....and i don't know why)

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