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Things I hate today
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1. People who reply to every famous persons twitter in hopes of getting a response.

2. People who laugh obnoxiously at things that are barely funny.

3. Annoying twitters about nothing. I do not need to know that your back hurts or what your cousin said that you think is funny. It's not funny.

4. Most twitter posts.

5. The fact that I love Twitter and insist on following every celebrity I like.

6. The Annapolis Mall. "Hey, boo, you seen me?" is not a pick up line. Also, to the girls with the guys who said that to me: "Damn, bitch didn't even look at chu" is not going to make me look at your socially retarded, emotionally stunted, ugly friend.

7. This is a repeat, but seriously, people who reply to every famous person's twitter in hopes of getting a response. They don't care. No one cares. Get a fucking life.

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OMG #1 and #7 SO MUCH. That's what has made me hate Twitter, unfortunately. It's the stupid bitches that think they're actually friends with their idols simply because they follow them on Twitter. Your chosen celebrity does not care if you agree with everyone of their assinine opinions or if you send them a picture of your dog dressed up like them or if you tell them how much you love them. I would be hella surprised if they even read any of them. It just gives delusional fangirls a reason to think they actually know these people now. Give me a fucking break! I hate Twitter. It would be okay if the famous people could tweet, but no one could reply to them. Whew, I feel better having gotten that off my chest. :)

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